“Me, myself and Web 2.0.”

22 03 2009

Web 2.0? What? Hey? Oh dearie me…I feel my age again. Who knew? Heeeeellp!

These seem to be my brain cell responses lately to any discussions about technology. Somewhere in my grey matter, the cell that’s supposed to keep me updated on technology is hiding from the tsunami of applications. I feel that I’m sitting in a room of people who speak a language of which I only know “Hello” and “Goodbye”, and can thus not participate at length or in depth. However, during the holiday, I’ve gone searching for that brain cell and have dragged it out of hiding, whipped it into shape and given clear orders that now is not the time to fear, but the time to take risks and overcome the horror I’ve felt blanketing me for some years. Like Morpheus in “The Matrix” I’m wiggling my fingers at Technology and whispering my battlecry fiercely, “Bring it on, buster!” Read the rest of this entry »