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23 03 2009

Tch – the sound of frustration or irritation. This sound I have been making for quite a while now: how do I keep up with all the blogs of the people in my course? This should be considered by teachers as well when they set up blogging as part of a unit. How will our students keep up with blogging themselves and responding to their peers’ blogs? Or is it much more natural to them than it is for me? 

 Recently, I’ve discovered the ‘dark side’ of blogging. On the website of a local newspaper I read about how blogging can be used for a personal agenda to air personal grievances and direct anger at another person. This has resulted in a court case of defamation. 

This reminds me that we have to be clear of the purpose of our blogs and keep our writing within those parameters. Thus, as teachers, if we design units in which we expect our students to express their learning through blogging, we have to help them understand that when they blog in the ‘real world’ they have to set a purpose and define their audience carefully. This relates to lifelong learning and the dispositions we expect of the youngsters we teach.

There’s more information about the dangers of blogging and types of blogging on The World of Blogs.




One response

24 03 2009

I share your frustration Melodee in keeping up with other people’s blogs. Often I read a blog and wait to comment until I have more time, or I start a comment and don’t like how it is worded so decide to revisit it later. Other times, I just get lost traveling from blog to blog. I’m thinking this is a skill that is developed over time. Many of us are really participating in a new medium of communication here. I think Stale’s “gentle push” to get us commenting and communicating was twofold: allow us to practice this new medium of communication gaining experience before implementing with students. And, to instigate the very questions and insights you bring up in your post before we present the tool to students.

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