What I hope to learn

23 02 2009

Thus far the course has been intense, yet exciting. I’m discovering ways in which the Web can serve as a tool to aid learning for children and adults.

However, I’m also finding that there are some basic things I need to learn, such as how to use excel for graphing (macbook). In Science, the students have to draw line graphs of their results. Fortunately, they have learnt how to do it in IT classes (but not all). I have to rely on the students to teach each other and me how to draw graphs. 

I also wish I knew more about how to use Publisher to incorporate into my lesson materials for students. 

That is the best part of doing a course like this I suppose: discovering along the way what technology is truly applicable to my own learning to improve my teaching and to support IT development in my subject area.




One response

20 03 2010
yveline ciazynski

first, I would like try….writting english, but sorry, I am French, and my english is poor!
but this question is the question !
one question like to be …or to do (you can hear, to learn)
it so important, that Feldenkrais (method of fonctional integration) speak about: to learn learning.
I am thoughing about that in my blog.

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